John Talisker

I never wanted to be a writer.

But I always wanted to write.

Welcome! At this site, you will find information on my current and on-going novels.  Who am I? I am John Talisker. My goal in life is to write something good, and I think I'm doing that.

Check out my new released literary novel Heather about a 11 year-old girl who is not only arrestingly beautiful but is also unusually perceptive. It has been widely reviewed and a lot of people like it. 

Check out, too, my cross-genre literary/sc-fi novel Gatc’hh’en's Rite, which is a Rite of Passage for an alien, half machine, half living being, who has been placed on Earth to learn what it means to be alive. The reviews are all 5-star. 

I must say this: Gatc'hh'en might be cool -- but Heather is cooler.

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