About the Author

Some have asked about my name John Talisker. Some have suggested it is because of my penchant for Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky, specifically Talisker’s 57deg North. But another truth is that Talisker, the Scotch Whisky, comes from a favourite place on the globe: The Isle of Sky, Scotland. I like the drama of the coast, the mountains; the salty air and the cold.  I like the quiet that bothers you at first but then grows on you until you miss it when it’s gone. In a local pub near the small village of Talisker a local resident looking me up and down asked me how long I had been gone. I answered, ‘Oh, not long; only a couple of hundred years.’ He nodded and raised his glass. “Welcome home.” 

Yep, I come from there. 

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